BC Training - Introductory Tutorials & Videos

BC Training - Introductory Tutorials & Videos

Introduction to Business Catalyst

To familiarise yourself with Business Catalyst you should take a look at this video -

What is Business Catalyst?

also see this video   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5q-h-mDn7M

Other topics we have selected from those available we suggest you look at by way of an introduction to BC are as follows:

Introducing the Business Catalyst Admin Console

Discover the admin interface and learn about every step involved in using it, from login and password recovery to dashboard layout and functionality.

Understanding the BC concepts and features

A step-by-step thorough description of the entire process involved in the usage of the Business Catalyst platform. All the features, described in detail, allowing you to see the big picture and understanding how the service can help you build an online business.


How to add or edit your website's content

The WYSIWYG. The Develop tab. Dreamweaver. Muse. The In Context Editor.


The WYSIWYG content editor

Learn how to use the What You See Is What You Get editor. Customize editor options such as fonts and CSS rules.


Following this we have a number of video tutorials on our own site that you can log into from this link - http://topleftdesigns.com.au/resources/bc-training-tutorials



    Username: as conveyed to you by email

    Password: as set by you


Once the library loads you will find a range of videos not all of which are relevant. I would however suggest the following to introduce you to BC concepts and general features…

  1. Getting Started:  Logging Into Your Admin Backend
  2. Content Editing: Uploading and Inserting Photos, Positioning and Styling Photos ; Learn to enter content with copy and paste
  3. Customers: Managing Customer Records
  4. Marketing: Organizing, Editing, Deleting Email Campaigns


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